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Recommend 10 Friends to Mighty Deals and we will credit your account with £30 Mighty Cash to spend on our fantastic deals!

Receive £30

when 10 friends join Mighty Deals. Then earn even more when you invite more friends!

How does it work?

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    The potential earnings are limitless
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Frequently Asked Questions

Recommending Mighty Deals
How do I recommend Mighty Deals to friends?
In your Mighty Cash account page you will find an extra special link that is unique to you. You can share this link via email, facebook, websites or however you like! Share this link via email, social networks or just paste it anywhere you like. The more people you sign up, the more Mighty Cash you make, so shout it loud and proud across the interwebs!

Each friend you sign up must be a new Mighty Deals account and will be verified using email and card details. Duplicate credits will be removed.
So how much Mighty Cash do i get?
Loads! Here is how much:
  • Once you have signed up 10 friends you earn you £30.
  • Sign up 25 friends you get another £30.
  • Sign up 50 friends you get yet another £30.
Special bonus:
If a friend buys something worth £25 or more within 30 days, we will give you £25!
Do I have to know the person I invite?
Nope, as long as someone has come to Mighty Deals via your unique link, they will earn you Mighty Cash. They can be anyone from your mum to a random person you have just argued about badgers with on that forum about badgers that you always go on.
Is there a limit to the amount of friends I can invite?
Nope, you can have as many as you like. Well our system might explode if you get a zillion, so let's say a zillion minus one.
Is there a time limit for my friends to buy a deal to ensure I get my Mighty Cash?
Unlike lesser deal websites, we have no restrictions on the amount of time available to make a purchase after joining us. As long as your friends sign up via your unique link you will earn £10 when they make a purchase, no matter how long they take.
Using Mighty Cash
What is Mighty Cash?
Mighty Cash is a unique currency that can be spent on the Mighty Deals website only. It has the same value as standard sterling.
How do I use my Mighty Cash?
Once your Mighty Cash is pouring in, its time to spend! Just put any deal you fancy in your basket as normal, then use any amount of your Mighty Cash towards some or all of the total cost of your order using the box below the basket. Yay!
How do I know how much Mighty Cash I have earned?
Just pop into your account section (link in the top right after logging in) and look under the Mighty Cash tab. Here you will be able to bask in the glory of a full summary of all your earnings!
Is there a limit to the amount of Mighty Cash I can earn?
Is there a limit to how cute a baby badger is? No there is not, and in nearly the same way there's no limit to the Mighty Cash you can earn either!
I have Mighty Cash in my account, why can't I use it?
Mighty Cash that cannot be spent is like a tasty cake locked in a glass display cabinet. Fear not my impatient friend, soon that delicious cake Mighty Cash will be yours! It's usually available straightaway but could take up to 30 days to become spendable. This is because all our deals come with a cast-iron guarantee so we need to make sure everyone is over the moon with their purchase before we can release your Mighty Cash (and its also a legal requirement - find out more about DSR).
Can I use my Mighty Cash to buy any deal on site?
Very nearly. By default, every deal on the site can be bought with Mighty Cash. However, there may be one or two which can't for various reasons, such as special promotions, but we will make it very clear when this is the case.
Can I get real cash with my Mighty Cash?
No, sorry. Mighty Cash can only be used to buy items on Mighty Deals . So while it can't be turned into cash, it can be turned into exciting gifts and gadgets, wonderful experiences and fantastic getaways.
What happens if I buy something with my Mighty Cash and want a refund?
If you have used Mighty Cash for an order it will always be refunded back into to your Mighty Cash account first. Then any outstanding real cash will be put into your bank account.
What happens if someone I recommended claims a refund?
Then they get their money back and you don't get any Mighty Cash. Sorry. However, as people are normally delighted with the fantastic deals on Mighty Deals , this is as likely as finding an ugly badger.